Latest Zia Update

the Sandia and Caballo repeaters and link radios were removed yesterday, the 15th of May

Benson Ridge is on the air and an agreement to sell it has been made. It will remain on the air, but may be linked to some other repeater in El Paso, or may be a stand alone.

The 145.33 repeater in El Paso belongs to Rick Fultz, KC5EJ, and whether it goes away or what I do not know.

The equipment was removed from Telegraph and White Tanks 5/28/99

The Guadalupe repeater will remain on the air sponsored by a new owner.

The core of the system (Jacks, Guthrie, Lemmon, Pinal, and Greens Pk) will continue to operate until such time as I make it to those sites to make the changes. New PL access, new IDs, some frequency changes, and different linking scheme. People can continue to use them as long as they are available.

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